I'm Chuck Windish

And I was once voted the worst rookie recruiter EVER!

I've been active in the search and recruitment industry for over 30 years.

I began my career as a recruiter with the largest recruiting franchise in the country. It wasn't easy. My first few years were a real struggle and I was almost fired... TWICE!

However, my hard work eventually paid off. Hey, I even won an award for the "Highest Single Placement Billing" in office history! Not bad.

After 5 years, I moved on to start my own search firm and for over 25 years now I've proudly led my company into building an outstanding reputation known for solid principles, a high level of integrity, and a comprehensive process that effectively adds people to our clients' staff that clearly stand out as proven achievers within their industry.

But I know that I could never have attained the reputation and level of success I achieved without the extraordinary help of so many BIG Billers who were willing to pass down to me their SECRETS to making consistently great placements happen. For over 20 years now, I've been earning an incredible income and a reputation in my industry that has been second-to-none.

The results were so life-changing that I made a commitment years ago that when the time was right I would "give back" - as they did - in return for all that I learned from them. I'm excited to announce I've just created a program designed to help recruiters rapidly accelerate the skills they’ve already learned and bring those skills to razor-sharp effectiveness.

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After holding various sales roles earlier in my career, I answered an ad looking for "someone with the guts to work hard for an unlimited earning potential." The result was being hired by the largest search and recruitment franchise in the country. Yeah, I was almost fired a couple of times, but made my first placement on my 87th day. And not long after I scored another placement that earned the highest billing ever made in that office. Pretty cool! I continued to learn the recruitment process and while at times I still struggled with consistency, I managed enough success to make the decision to start my own search firm. 



Partnering with another recruiter, we opened up our doors for business on January 1, 1997 in four tiny rooms on the 2nd floor of a converted bungalow we shared with another business. Securing a decent client base as a fledgling business proved to be more difficult than expected, but thankfully the other recruiters I saw achieving HUGE success were willing to share with me their SECRETS and we were soon hiring additional recruiters. One week before 9/11, I signed a lease to build a brand new office space (pictured above) created to become the "ultimate work experience" for my employees. Continuing to put additional SECRETS into action, our firm's growth began skyrocketing. 

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My first year exceeding $1,000,000 in billings! The office grew to 15 employees and for over 20 years we have been known consistently as one of the most reputable and successful search firms in our industry.

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I launched UNSHAKEABLE Recruiting™ to fulfill my personal commitment to "give back" to other recruiters all that I Iearned from those BIG Billers in the past so willing to share with me their SECRETS. We are now building a continuing program that provide well-meaning and determined recruiters ongoing support towards their goal of consistent placements, attaining the income and lifestyle they desire, and building a reputation in their industry that outshines and outclasses other recruiters in this ever growing and competitive profession.  



If you have sincerely committed to search & recruitment as the career you want and have dedicated yourself to that success - you can become UNSHAKEABLE.

If you have been staring adversity in the face while on the job, yet you have refused to back down - you can become UNSHAKEABLE.

If you have fought off what others give as “good” reasons why this career shouldn’t work and why it’s too complicated - you can become UNSHAKEABLE.

If you have encountered challenges, yet understand that other recruiters  facing similar difficulties have gone on to become highly successful - you can become UNSHAKEABLE.

If you are determined to seek out million dollar billers' winning strategies - you can become UNSHAKEABLE.

If you are decisive in taking uncomfortable action when necessary - you can become UNSHAKEABLE.

You are not powerless. In fact, the more you know and understand HOW this job works, the more powerful you become. 




You might be thinking I am different than you. Maybe you’ve been frustrated for too long, discouraged because nothing positive seems to be happening on your desk, or tired of hearing from others to just make more calls, more often. Maybe whatever training you received hasn’t worked so far; that you’ve tried everything before... or you received no training at all.

Maybe you feel that I somehow was just born with natural recruiting talent and you doubt this series can work for you. After all, you've tried everything, right? Let me tell you, we are not at all different. At one time I was where you are now... perhaps more desperate! But these SECRETS that worked for me CAN work for you.

If you are skeptical, don’t worry. Doubt is the beginning of wisdom and one tool that can lead a determined recruiter to GREAT success. So often we don’t believe GREATNESS is possible - until it is done.

Are you ready to become UNSHAKEABLE?

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