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"Secrets of the BIG Billers"


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Course Outline


Module 1 - Intro To The Series

Statistics show that 8 out of 10 people that get into search & recruitment as a career don't make it!  In this introductory session, Chuck shares what he's seen as reasons why many recruiters fail... and why you are already a SUPERSTAR in the making.


Module 2 - What Matters Most To BIG Billers

Learn to redirect your attention away from the typical daily activities of your desk and focus on What Matters Most.
Making a commitment to achieve at least one of these four "Call To Action" goals should be the ONLY reason you come to work every day.

Nothing else matters!!


Module 3 - Leave Them Choking In Your Dust

Do you measure your success solely by your billings goal and/or the number of placements you make?
In this module, Chuck reveals how true success is defined by his team and the secret weapon for building a reputation that will leave your competition choking in your dust.


Module 4 - Making A Flawless Recruit Call

Most recruiters are trained to work around just 2 objectives when recruiting talent, but there are actually 6 objectives that when employed will reduce the exhaustive time you spend off the phones doing mind numbing research and enjoying more time on the phones establishing solid relationships with your recruits.


Module 5 - Getting Over "De’ Fenses"

Do you hate cold calling? Well, in this module Chuck reveals why many people often react negatively to your initial call and the secrets to making fearless cold calls that are actually a whole lotta fun to make!


Module 6 - The "Perfect" Intro

What you say - or don't say - within the first few seconds of every call you make can quickly begin to lose people just upon hearing your voice. You can overcome their defensive behavior by utilizing another great secret - The "Perfect" Introduction!


Module 7 - Leave "Killer" Voicemails

Let's face it, not everyone is going to pick up on your call. But there are secrets to leaving a "killer" voicemail that will raise eyebrows and instill a surprising sense of urgency for that person to return your calls.


Module 8 - Get A "Yes!" Every Time

There are secrets Chuck uncovered that, when put into practice, will present such a high value of your service to those you call that you'll find yourself successfully recruiting every career focused talent in your industry.


Module 9 - "Let Me Shut My Door!"

In this module, Chuck reveals the secrets to presenting a job opening for which you've been assigned to recruit that will make anyone you call drop whatever they're doing and want to hear more.


Module 10 - Qualified Does NOT Mean A Placement

Many recruiters take only the information needed to determine if a recruit is "qualified" for a position they've been assigned to fill. This secret uncovers 6 crucial questions to be answered to determine if your recruit is indeed an ideal candidate for placement.


Module 11 - "When In Doubt - Send Them Out?"

Chuck recalls being taught to present any recruit who was qualified, showed interest in a position, and assured him they could do the job until a BIG Biller showed him the secret to identifying a recruit as a true placement even before they were put into the interview process.


Module 12 - A Client's Needs Are NEVER Top Priority!

Believe it or not, attorneys taught Chuck the secret he shares here that drastically changed how he took an initial Job Order. (Part 1 of 2)

WARNING - use this secret and you will end up dumping 8 out of every 10 job orders you take!


Module 13 - "Now... About Your Fees!"

In part 2 of this session, Chuck further discusses what is top priority in taking an initial job order including the secret as to how best to take the bluster out of your client(s) fee objections.


Module 14 - Establishing The Right Search Priorities

How long does a "HOT" job order remain hot? Which job orders should be taken seriously? Which should be avoided? Establishing an order of priority is crucial to accomplishing on a daily basis one of the four areas of WHAT MATTERS MOST.


Module 15 - "Get Them In Here!"

Chuck rejects the false belief that we present a candidate so that our client can EVALUATE whether that person is worth seeing. This module unlocks the secret to making presentations that convert into immediate Sendouts!


Module 16 - BONUS Module!

Chuck shares his closing thoughts on the importance of mindset, focus, and confidence in your recruiting process. Included in this BONUS video is exciting news of upcoming additions to the UNSHAKEABLE Recruiting site and how to become an UNSHAKEABLE VIP.

Take This Course On Your Own Time Schedule

For me, one of the most frustrating aspects of continuing education for recruiters was that most programs had scheduled dates and times convenient for the educator, but MOST INCONVENIENT TO ME.   I mean, c'mon!

While each recruiter's day may be slightly different than another, we all have a job to do, right? Yet the seminars and courses I wanted to attend were always scheduled during my most optimal times of the day where I'm supposed to be ON THE PHONES making things happen or planning my next day's activities.

How does it make sense that any recruiter take time away from their desk for a 5 - 10 day course when they're trying to maintain momentum and generate activity? 

GREAT NEWS! You can take this course whenever you want. Whether it's in the evening at home, or on your lunch hour, or you simply can't commit to the same time every day, here is an online video course that allows you to learn SECRETS on your own time and when it's most convenient for you. 

UNSHAKEABLE Recruiting™ - "Secrets Of The BIG Billers"


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